Our staff is trained in the latest quality control procedures.  We use some of the most modern measuring instruments available in the industry to inspect and ensure our products meet Customer and API specified requirements.  In striving to be “Best in Class,” our Quality Management system undergoes continuous improvement via external API Certification Audits, Customer Audits, as well as, Internal Audits. 


Optical Comparator:
Master View by Suburban tools.
Model: MV14Q with Quadra-Chek 200 digital readout.

Gagemaker Mic Trac:
Model MT 3000 .000’’ – 24.000’’
With several various thread rolls with supporting attachments.
MRP: 2000 series

Olympus Bore Scope (Portable):
Model IV7675A
.237’’ diameter camera on 25’ cord reel with 360° articulating head which allows deep reaching visual inspection of various configuration tools and
gives a birds’ eye view of actual condition. Capable of taking videos as well as photos and can be distributed via e-mail or mailed on hard disk.

Magnetoscop 1.069 Testing Unit by Foerster Instruments:
Measurement of magnetic field strengths in the range 0.1 nanoTesla to approximately 2 milliTesla, extremely high sensitive of 0.1 nanoTesla with field and
gradient probe. This unit is capable of testing work pieces up to 31’ in length with test report.

Hardness Testing:
King: Brinell hardness testing on large OD diameter collars and pipe.

Height Gauge:
.000’’ – 24.000’’ with digital readout on 24’’x 24’’ granite table.

Thread Gauges:
Large quantity of various API ring and plug gauges.
Supporting Instruments: Internal and external taper and lead gauges thread height gauges as well as profile gauges.

ID Dial Bore Gauges:
Starrett: 3’’ – 8 1/8’’ ID capabilities with up to 72’’ reach.

ID Bore Micrometers:
1 Set Mitutoyo .500’’ - .800’’
1 Set Mitutoyo .800’’ – 2.000’’
2 Sets Mitutoyo 2.000’’- 4.000’’
1 Set Starrett 2.000’’ – 4.000’’
2 Sets Mitutoyo 4.000’’ – 8.000’’
All have setting ring standards for fast and accurate calibration with several extensions for deep reaching measuring.

ID Stick Micrometers:
2 sets of Starrett .000’’ – 40.000’’

OD Micrometers:
Several sets of Mitutoyo .000’’ – 12.000’’ with capabilities of up to 24.000’’ OD measuring.
OD Blade micrometers: .000’’ – 12.000’’
Setting standards are available for fast and accurate calibration reference for all.
Brands: Mitutoyo, Starrett, Scherr-Tumico, Brown and Sharp.

Several of .000’’ – 12.000’’
3 of .000’’ – 40.000’’
1 of .000 – 80.000’’ (For reference only)

Mitutoyo Surftest
Mahr Federal Pocket Surf

Depth Gauges:
2 Mitutoyo .000’’ – 12.000’’
1 Mitutoyo .000’’ – 24.000’’

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